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Rewarding Green Initiatives Undertaken By Hotels, Resorts, Motels, B&Bs, Lodges, Vacation Homes, Cottages, Guest Homes & Inns.
Green Demand

Green Demand

Going green is the hottest marketing trend in today's marketplace. Consumers are actively seeking out green options when making purchase decisions and are even willing to pay premium prices. With the addition of a green component to your sales strategy, you will be able to reach out to a large »

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Green ratings within 15 minutes.
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If you own or manage any hospitality business, you can apply for green ratings. If you have not taken any significant green initiatives yet, but are planning to go green in the upcoming months, we honor your plans and provide ratings accordingly. Ratings can be displayed on your website to promote your green business or used in any advertising materials.

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To help promote your green business, we offer three items absolutely free! Get it here»

Green Awards Green Awards

Gain a Marketing Edge!

GreenEdge You can differentiate your green business from the competition by displaying green ratings on your website and in the advertising materials. As more and more consumers are becoming »

Being Eco-Friendly is Being Customer-Friendly!

GreenEdge By showcasing your green efforts, you make customers aware that you care about saving the environment. It gives them a natural feeling that if you care about the environment, you will take good care of customers as »

Five Tips To Be Green:
Green Home Green Office Green Lifestyle
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